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adrian houston photographer luxury photography london united kingdom

I have been fortunate enough to have had my work exhibited at The National Gallery and The Royal Academy of Arts. Other recent high-profile exhibitions include a fund-raising initiative for Guide Dogs for the Blind at The Haunch of Venison at The Royal Academy of Arts; Visions of Battersea London at the new Battersea Power Station development and A Portrait of the Tree at the Unit Gallery London and Singapore.

Nature has an intensity so strong it gives you a totally different view on the world. When you witness earth’s natural power, it is sometimes hard to see its underlying fragility. But scratch beneath the surface and it is there. This need to protect what we have before it is too late has influenced my work for as long as I can remember. Some years ago, I was lucky enough to witness the eruption of Kīlauea in the Hawaiian Islands. Standing watching the explosion of lava and rocks, with smoke trails bursting out of the volcano, my first thought was of our imminent demise. But soon that feeling disappeared to be replaced by a sense of awe at the raw beauty and power on display. As I looked through my 4 x 5 camera, I realised how insignificant we all are. At the same time, I was filled with an overwhelming desire to take greater care of our planet and do the upmost to protect it.

A Portrait of the Tree, was conceived as a way of illustrating how these organisms connect us all on a universal level. I am so proud that this exhibition and subsequent book have helped raise awareness about the importance of our trees, the environment and climate change.

My current project is a book and exhibition for the Queens Green Canopy Campaign a collection of photographic images of 70 trees and 70 woodlands nominated as species’ of historical and National interest across the British Isles, celebrating and commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This will be presented to His Majesty in December. Other current projects include advisor to the United Nations for the International Day of Plant Health.

When not on location I am is based at my studio in Soho London.

Adrian Houston Studio 3 12 Bourchier Street London W1D4HZ


  • A Portrait of the Tree book published by Quercus September 2021 book launch and exhibition at Rosewood London and The Unit Gallery London.
  • Cambridge House Documentary Film on the restoration of this famous iconic building.
  • Londoner Hotel Documentary of the journey from Demolition to the deepest excavation in central London to the launch this year.
  • Sabina Estate Artwork and Campaign for the luxury gated community being created by Anton Billton and the World’s top ten Architects.
  • Exhibition at the Maija Gallery in Singapore in conjunction with the Botanical Gardens.
  • Exhibition for the Year of Plant Health with the United Nations Helsinki
  • The Manor Retrospective Fallen Times  forth coming exhibition November 2020


Trudy Warrender

Strategy, governance, change, stakeholder and reputation management

Adrian has been the driving creative and marketing force behind two of my greatest career highlights. Between 1994 and 1999, his photography lens captured and polished the story of Park Royal. His photographic storytelling attracted some of the greatest UK growth companies and international investment firms to this unknown and downtrodden gem in West London. Then between 2010 and 2013, I went to Adrian again to help me partner with the British Library to produce a book which told the amazing engineering and design feat which was the London2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. His contribution to the UK 2012 Cultural Olympiad can be seen in the top universities in UAE, US and of course in London. The 2012 moments he captured went on to help me win the TVE BAFTA award for best environmental film in 2013. Happy 25th anniversary to a fantastic talent and all together pretty cool guy.

Melissa Chew

BMB, Luxury Brands, The Rocco Forte Collection

Adrian helped shape our photographic identity and gave our brand a distinct look that helped us stand out from our competitors. He lit everything beautifully. His knowledge of interior photography, his ability to relax people who are not used to posing for photos to have fun being a model and his extensive experience of working with hotels operationally made every shoot a productive and enjoyable one. We also benefited greatly when he launched Atmos Films as his team were able to photograph and film many aspects of the shoot at once – it was like having my own second and third unit, which made me more efficient in each shoot. I would not hesitate to recommend Adrian as an Artist.

Jo Talbot

Photographers Agent

I have worked with Adrian as an agent/producer and found him to be one of the easiest photographers I have ever worked with. His work is always spot-on brief and there is never any fuss a true Artist.

Elizabeth Smith

Adrian Houston’s work serves to remind us of the importance of the natural world. His incredible portraits of astounding trees all over the world, immediately engender a feeling of gratitude for these beautiful, giving, wonders. Sometimes we forget about the beauty right in front of our eyes and these images serve to remind us. Adrian treats trees as sculpture, his images lift them to the status of works of art. This work is incredibly powerful, especially in this day and age when humanity has almost forgotten the importance of its connection to nature. Trees are an incredible example of interconnectedness, a concept that as a race, we desperately need to remember and to learn from. Adrians work highlights these ideas in the most beautiful way

Anton Bilton

Adrian has a magical ability to bring out the unique beauty of whatever he photographs. In particular, his reverence to light brings a natural brilliance and authenticity to all he shoots

Geraint Richards

Duchy Head Forester Chairman Action Oak

“Action Oak is supporting important research into the health of the UK’s native oak trees, which are facing numerous threats due to climate change and multiple pests and diseases.  Adrian’s stunning photographs capture the majesty of these iconic trees.”

Ralf Lopian

Chairperson of the International Steering Committee for the International Year of Plant Health United Nations

“Trees have for millennia influenced humankind; our traditions, our culture and our way of life. Adrian Houston’s photographs capture, like no other exhibition, the beauty and mystery of trees and their role in our life. To protect trees against exotic pests and diseases means also protecting our lives and traditions.”

Tony Kirkham

MBE VMH Head of Arboretum Kew Gardens

“As a tree practitioner and tree lover I enjoy seeing and meeting special trees in gardens and in their natural settings like a woodland and this is one of the many reasons for spending  a lifetime working with them. The next best thing is seeing a good image that captures the natural beauty of a good specimen, old or young, common or rare, and there are few photographers that can do that well. Adrian is one of these photographers that can see the potential and seizes the moment to capture that beauty at any time of the day or night and I have yet to see him fail to please.”

adrian houston

A Portrait of the Tree Artwork