Spirit Of Nature

Adrian Houston presents his work from the “Spirit Of Nature” Exhibition.

Luxury Fine Photography - Blue Bell Vista by Photographer Adrian Houston

Blue Bell Vista

The strong lines of the Trees surrounded by the fresh blue bells leads on a path through to infinity.


Luxury Fine Photography - Silver Birch by Photographer Adrian Houston

Silver Birch

The early morning light coming through the mist helps gove this picture the contrast of form and light in this magical time of year.


Luxury Fine Photography - Ash and Oak by Photographer Adrian Houston

Ash and Oak

The freshness of the green leaves of early May with the early morning mist forming streaks of light through the bell bells takes you into a different world if only for a brief moment.


Luxury Fine Photography - Gods Light by Photographer Adrian Houston

Gods Light

The way that the suns warm rays of light pulse through the spring leaf of the trees took me to a place of contentment piece and beauty somewhere you feel at home.


Luxury Fine Photography - Blue Bell Rays by Photographer Adrian Houston

Blue Bell Rays

The mood of this picture back lite by the rays of light held a nice contrast to the beauty of the blue bells.

During the long weeks of lock down I was lucky enough to spend my early morning walks.

In these magical woods. The sunrise twilight has always been a favourite of mine as its all peace and calm with only the morning Corus and the occasional deer to keep you company.

Once the rays of light start filtering through the trees in the late spring the freshness of the leaf’s radiate into a blaze of bright green with the woodland floor carpeted in blue bells the contrast is something to behold.

Connecting to our natural world by spending time with nature has the most rewarding and inspiring effect on us all. Those lucky enough to have a garden or live in the countryside have been able to witness our plant life transforming something a lot of us never had the time to do.

Taking care of our plant should be at the forefront of all our minds.





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