Shothebys Bond Street 2022

Adrian Houston Royal Academy Artworks

The Kaleidoscopic artworks flora and fauna from the remnants of the Caledonian forest created around 9000 years ago and the Ancient Oak which was said to be seeded in 750 when the first king of England was on the throne King Offa.

The artworks reflects parts of the worlds carbon sinks, it has never been more important, anything that stores more carbon than it releases into the atmosphere from our ancient trees to our flora and fauna to our Oceans seagrass.

Carbon is a chemical element that ready forms compounds with many elements and is a constituent of organic compounds in all known living tissue carbon has mirrored forms which is reflected in the way these superposable artworks have been created using the natural elements of each subject portraying the beauty of nature itself.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

(Albert Einstein)

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